Hey ho! Cambiu got a new marketing intern

Singapore Exchange Student Emphasizes a Need for Cambiu’s Services

Karly Bloom, Ivey Business School student and new Cambiu marketing intern, talks about her experience traveling throughout Southeast Asia and losing a significant amount of money due to poor exchange rates. She also discusses how Cambiu addresses this ongoing issue for travelers and providers by directly connecting them with one another to save on currency exchange.

My name is Karly Bloom. I am 21 years old and live in Toronto, Canada. In this most recent semester I studied overseas at the Singapore Management University. Studying in Singapore provided me with the opportunity to travel within Southeast Asia economically as Singapore is located right in the geographic center of Southeast Asia. I travelled to Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan! Travelling to all these countries was a ‘once in a lifetime’, unforgettable experience.

While it was much less costly to travel around Asia from Singapore than it would have been be from my home in Canada, I still ended up spending a great deal more money than I had anticipated due to the lack of convenient access I frequently experienced in finding the best outlets to exchange my foreign currency at a reasonable and competitive conversion rate. I often found that I had to exchanging my money at an airport or at the first money change shop I could find, resulting in me getting a poor rate in comparison to the spot exchange rates available online. At the end of my travels I calculated that I could have saved over CAD $600 if I had found more exchange rate outlets.


While travelling, I was also busy trying to find myself a suitable internship for the upcoming summer months I would be spending in Israel participating in the MASA program, Destination Israel. After doing extensive research, I discovered Cambiu and was interested to learn that the company’s business model provided the perfect solution to my dilemma regarding exchanging currency while travelling abroad. I therefore decided to reach out to Cambiu about interning for the company in the summer.


As someone who loves to travel, utilizing Cambiu would enable savings during my future trips. I would in fact be able to travel more as I would have more cash on hand. It is therefore my main objective as Cambiu’s marketing intern, to promote this prime benefit of Cambiu’s services to fellow travelers, so that they too can travel more by spending less on currency exchange.