Cheapest way to change money

Going abroad? Great. Now you need to figure out what is the cheapest way to convert your local currency into the destination’s currency. There are many ways to handle foreign money transaction but when it comes to the average traveler the cheapest way will be cash. It is not the most convenient one but when it comes to save your money value this is probably the best option. If you think it’s a small matter think again, most travelers lose more than 5% of their money  value on exchange rates and fees, for a couple spending a weekend in Europe this can save tens of $.
Going abroad with USD or EUR and searching for the best exchange service there can help you to change your money in less than 1.5% costs. In some countries it may be even cheaper than 0.5% of your money value. The most attractive deals usually can be found in city centers by checking before on-line or over the phone. “Walk in” clients usually being charged with higher fees and rates. Banks and post offices offer cash transactions and well but not in attractive rates. Also never change money in airports or other touristic venues.